Punk Rods

punkrods greenstripe

Punk Rods are the most durable and versatile rods available. Designed to be as delicate as a brush and powerful like a drumstick. Handmade in Rotterdam with a single green stick as it's signature label. 

I'm Jan Pohl, professional drummer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For years I was looking for the best rods out there. I designed this Punk Rods myself and tested and improved them for months on tour. This are rods that you can play as if you have brushes in your hands. However, Punk Rods are very sturdy and durable and therefore super well suited for playing loud music like rock and punk.

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At this moment there is no other rod on the market that plays this dynamic while being so very durable at the same time. The world shared by enthusiasm and that is why they are now available for everyone for an anarchist price - 100% handmade in Rotterdam with the single green-label stick!

Punk Rods are 41.5 cm (16 1/3 ") long. They are not hexagonal like a lot of other rod-like drumsticks but nicely round.

Punk Rods are for sale at Rotterdam Drum Department or directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Punk Rods costs € 19, - (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping costs) per pair.