Jan for your record

I started working in recording studios at the age of 15. I had a rehearsal room in an old WWII-bunker and my neighbors had two rooms there where they build a small controle room with a bigger live room. They were recording to tape and changed this later to harddisc-recording. They invited me to hang around and at some point I got the keys to record all by myself. The fact that I started playing with Mellow Sirens at the age of 18 offered me the opportunity to work in several big German recording studios such as „Peppermint Park” in Hannover and „Heartbeat Studio” in Cologne with very experienced producers like Jens Krause and Paul Grau. Everything was recorded to 2” tape - I learned a lot!

Over the years I have tried everything. I recorded albums with 4 microphones and a 8 track minidisc recorder in a abandoned house. I recorded with the most expensive gear in 200 square-meter studios and I am still learning every day.

For those who need drums for their song and/or record but do not have the possibility to record drums or doesn’t have a drummer or simply want only my drumming on their album, I came up with this: Jan for your record.

The idea is very simple and digital technology makes it possible: I play drums on your album while you are living in a different part of the world, far, far away from Rotterdam.

All you need to do is call me or send me your request by mail. You send me a stereo file as reference and we discuss what kind of drums you need for your production and which drum sound you prefer. I record the drums for you and send it to you. You can also give me carte-blanche and I will do what I think will be best. If you prefer being in the studio with me, we can make an appointment and you can come to Rotterdam, too.

You can check out my studio at www.realmusicroom.nl.

If you have any questions, please just send me an email or call me!

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phone: 0031-624-288630