I am very proud to endorse the two best companies in drums for rock music and beyond: Paiste cymbals and Ludwig drums. I endorse Paiste for 19 years (since 1999) and Ludwig for 10 years (since 2007).

These two brands are synonym for the birth and sound of rock music in the 60's and stood the test of time. Today these brands still are the first choice in ever studio on this planet. Ludwig drums have the power, rawness and pure tone that makes me feel like home when I am just starting to build up my kit and checking my drums. Paiste cymbals have the clarity, sweetness, power and perfection that fit in every beat that I play perfectly.

Paiste & Ludwig are not my first choice - they are the only choice to me!


Paiste setup 2017:

16" Twenty Medium Light Hi-Hat
20" Giant Beat Multi
24" 602 Modern Essentials Ride (prototype) or 22" Traditional Light Ride
20" Twenty Masters Dark Crash

Ludwig setup 2017 in Blue Sparkle:

  • 24"x14" Super Classic Bass Drum (70's - 3-ply)
  • 13"x9"   Super Classic Tom Tom (70's - 3-ply)
  • 16"x16" and/or 18"x16" Super Classic Floor Tom (70's - 3-ply)
  • 14"x6,5" Ludwig Black Beauty (70's) or Acrolite (with 60's hoops)



I play Remo Ambassador Coated on snare with a hazy Ambassador on bottom. Emperor Coated heads on top of my toms with Ambassador Coated onderneath and either a coated Powerstroke 3 or Ambassador on bass drum. I use Vic Fith sticks nearly my whole life. I am currently playing with the 85A woodtip model.

I make and play my own rods. They are called Punk Rods and are available world-wide. Click here to read more.