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drums for Dutch kids movie

I had the great opportunity to play drums on "Hey You" by Hasty Harmony. The song is selected as the theme song for the Dutch ckids movie "Meester Kikker" which will be in the theaters this summer of 2016.

We recorded the drums at our own studio RealMusicRoom in Rotterdam.

Click here to watch the official trailer!



Fall Tour 2016 - it's a wrap!

We were on the road for 46 days and played 31 concerts in 30 cities. We drove 12.000km and played our harts out every single night! Thanks so much to everybody who came out to see us! Some of you drove for 5 hours just to see us play. Some of you saw us much more than just 1 time this tour. Thanks for you all to support live music!!! Thank you to all the promoters, local crews, cooks who made our dinners! Thanks to everyone who took picures and wrote wonderful words about us!
(Even though this is not a Grammy speech) Thank you Patricia Vonne - yes, we are rockstars! and Mr. "I can turn down the amp if that's better for you" LaRoche - I love you guys! Harmen... you know it all, Stau-brother!
A big thank you also goes out to the wonderful people at Paiste cymbals - Joerg Kohlmorgen and Christian Wenzel - and Ludwig drums - Edwin Kas and Oliver Schelling - That's the sound of rock n' roll! Loud, causing discomfort, cause I am not afraid to do so!
Thank you Torsten Grenz and all the other guys at Sennheiser to support this tour! You really made a huge difference for us on stage!
I love you all!



2015 Europe Tour with David Grissom

This spring I had the great honor to be on tour in Europe with Mr. David Grissom from Austin, Texas (US). Accompanied by Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson, Bonnie Raitt) on bass guitar, we played 26 shows in 5 and a half weeks in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, UK, Denmark and The Netherlands.
This was an amazing experience - we had a blast!

David has build up an incredible legacy as a guitar player. Throughout his career he has worked with artists such as John Mellencamp, Joe Ely, The Allman Brothers Band, The Dixie Chicks, Chris Isaak, Robben Ford, Ringo Starr, Robert Plant and Sheryl Crow.


With Judy @Giel 3FM

After a wonderful weekend @ North Sea Jazz and a very short night, we (Judy Blank and band) were inviteted to perform @ Giel 3FM to present her new and first single "Foolish Child". Luckily there were some cameras around to capture this performance for those who were still in their warm beds...



Order Punk Rods online!

Punk Rods are the most durable and versatile rods available. Designed to be as delicate as a brush and powerful like a drumstick. Handmade in Rotterdam with a single green stick as it's signature label. 

Punk Rods are 41.5 cm (16 1/3 ") long. They are not hexagonal like a lot of other rod-like drumsticks but nicely round. 
Punk Rods costs € 14, - (incl. 21% VAT) per pair.  
Order HERE Punk Rods online!


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